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Keep Local Alive

This is an initiative to help local businesses affected by the coronavirus, and to help people stay sane when they are mainly stuck at home. Our company the Pao App is all about helping people find and share their favorite hidden gems around the world, and most often these are locally owned businesses. Due to the virus, many of these small businesses are facing a survival crisis. The Pao Community doesn’t want to lose their favorite spots, so we want to do our part in supporting them now. Scroll down to learn more about Pao!

An app for the world's hidden gems.

Pao (say "pow") shows you the coolest spots in whatever city you're in.

Share your favorites

Post your favorite spots from around the world. Pao will organize them into your own beautiful profile.

Use a simple interface

No information overload. Sleek design and minimalism is what Pao is all about.

Find new favorites

Search through hidden gems only, no tourist traps or negative reviews. Only the best.

Join a community

Pao users are doers who just want to find and share the coolest spots as they experience the world.




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